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Sell Your Rifle in South Africa

In South Africa, the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000 was put in place to regulate firearm control and to provide for all matters connected therewith, like the procedures on how to sell your gun in South Africa.

This means that there are strict procedures one has to follow when you want to sell a rifle.

The only way to legally sell a gun is to a gun dealer or privately, but you cannot hand it over to a new owner until that person has a licence for the weapon in question.

A rifle can only be sold to a person once he has already obtained the necessary license to possess that specific firearm.

Normally, a person is permitted to possess a total of four firearms, including a handgun that is not fully automatic and a rifle or shotgun that is not fully or semi-automatic.

The regulations of the FCA put stringent practical and procedural limits on selling or obtaining firearms, therefore it is crucial to find a legal and reputable channel to get rid of a rifle you don’t want to possess anymore.

The regulatory system further imposes severe requirements on dealers like us, such as prominent obligations to keep records on all firearms and ammunition in stock and all firearms that we hold on behalf of licensees, as well as the duty to link these three registers to a national database established by the Registrar. 

As a dealer we must make all firearms, ammunition, and records that we keep available for inspection by any police official on request.

Sell Your Rifle

Why Sell Your Rifle to Us?

WeBuyRifles is a reliable online merchant that specializes in pre-owned weapons and offers a wide selection of these items.

When you do business with us, you lessen the chances of being scammed by con artists who take advantage of the fact that the internet is an unregulated area.

We are respected dealers in weapons, and in addition to having a selection of rifles available for purchase, we are dedicated to offering service that is not only courteous, but also devoted and personable.

We trade under dealer license: Guns & Ammo Trading (PTY) Ltd, 28 5th Street, Delmas.

Any person who has an interest in firearms, whether as a collector, hunter, or enthusiast, is welcome to sell a rifle through us with the knowledge that we deal in high-quality used rifles for sale in South Africa and offer a safe and secure service.

Your firearm will be advertised on our website where potential buyers can browse through our pre-owned inventory of firearms.

You can count on us to get back to you as quickly as possible, regardless of whether you are interested in selling or purchasing a firearm.

We are authorized to purchase firearms legally from any individual in South Africa who may be interested in selling them to us for any reason, like emigrating, inheriting a firearm they don’t really want of even just not needing it anymore.

Sell Your Rifle

How to sell your Rifle to us

Step 1
Submitting Rifle Details & Photos
You start the process by uploading some images and all relevant information about your rifle to our website.
Step 2
Offer to Purchase
If we are interested, we will write up a formal offer to purchase and send it to you.
Step 3
Accepting the Offer
If you are happy and decide to make use of our offer, you accept it in writing.
Step 4
The Paperwork
Compile the necessary documentation, then head to the gun store closest to you with both your rifle and your license to possess that firearm. Please turn everything in, and also provide us the name and information of the person we should speak with at the gun shop.
Step 5
We will buy the firearm and make immediate payment into the bank account that you have confirmed, only after the gun shop has confirmed all of the details.
Step 6
Transporting the Firearm
Once completed, we will pay for the cost of having the firearm couriered in a legal way to our secure gun storage facility.
Step 7
Completion of The Process
The firearm will be removed from your name, and you will receive notification once it is done, usually within 48 hours from receipt. The rifle will then be registered as dealer stock with us.

Sell Your Rifle

Documents needed to sell your rifle

To be able to sell your rifle, you will need the following documents:

➊ The original copy of the licence to possess the firearm (to be sent to us with the firearm)

➋ Make a photocopy or scan of both the front and back of your licence to posses the firearm.

➌ A valid proof of address that is no more than three months old

➍ A certified copy of your identification document

➎ A finished copy of the Transfer of Ownership form (E534) (link).

➏ A letter stating that your bank account has been confirmed for the payment

Sell Your Rifle

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can sell your gun in South Africa by following the correct legal process.

You must either sell it to a gun dealer or, if you sell it privately, you may not hand it to a new owner until that person has obtained a licence for that specific firearm.

No, it is not easy to sell a gun in South Africa, since you have to follow strict procedures and can only sell it to a person who has already obtained the necessary firearm license.

Yes, you can inherit a gun in South Africa. If, however, you don’t want to acquire the firearm or obtain the appropriate licence, permit, or authorization, you must deactivate or dispose of the firearm in accordance with the provisions of the Firearm Control Act, 2000. (Act No 60 of 2000).

A SAPS 534 form is the Transfer Of Firearm Ownership Form that must be completed and stamped with the official date stamp of your nearest police station when you want to sell your gun.

A firearm license period of validity depends on the category. Self-defense licences (section 13) need to be renewed every 5 years, occasional sport shooting or hunting (section 15) and dedicated sport shooting or hunting (section 16) licenses must be renewed every 10 years.