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If a person in South Africa wishes to buy a rifle, they are required to first ascertain the maximum number of firearms that they are legally permitted to possess.

Before you may possess any firearm, you are required to go through the necessary training at an accredited institution in order to obtain a training competency certificate. 

After that, you must then obtain the firearm license and you need a license for every firearm that you possess.

Any application to possess a firearm, engage in the trade of weapons, manufacture firearms, or be licensed as a gunsmith must be supported by a Competency Certificate in order to comply with the requirements of the Firearms Control Act (FCA).

Once an individual has obtained the certificate of competence to own a specific firearm, he or she can apply for the firearm license at the police station that is closest to their location, alternatively they can make use of a firearm licensing agent who can assist with the application, motivation and possible appeals. 

The Weapons Control Act of 2000 (FCA) and companion legislation make up the present regulatory framework for firearms in South Africa.

The applicant must be a citizen or permanent resident of South Africa.

Her or she must be at least twenty-one years old and fit to hold the specific license (meaning the applicant is stable and without a tendency for violence or substance-abuse).

The person must not have had any conviction for violent crimes, dishonesty, recklessness, or instability, or has not become a convicted offender within the preceding five years prior to the application.

Depending on the individual’s requirements, the FCA also restricts the total number of firearms for which a person can obtain a license.

  • An individual is only allowed to possess one handgun or shotgun that is neither fully nor semi-automatic for the purpose of self-defense.
  • An individual who go hunting sometimes or shoot for sport may possess a maximum of four firearms; however, they are only permitted to have one pistol, and they are not permitted to own any fully or semi-automatic rifles or shotguns.
  • There is no limit for dedicated hunters and sports shooters if they can prove that they are dedicated members of a hunting or sports organisation and need the additional firearms.
  • Dealers are not subject to any limitations but are subject to more restrictive regulations.


A person is only allowed to possess ammunition that is fit for the firearm that they are licensed to hold, and they are only allowed to possess a maximum of 200 rounds of ammunition for each handgun that they own.

The FCA further requires accreditation in order for a license for certain activities or businesses related to firearms will be issued. These include the following

  • public collectors or museums;
  • hunting associations or sport-shooting organizations;
  • those that provide training in the use of firearms;
  • those that provide firearms for use in theatrical, film, or television productions;
  • those that run hunting businesses;
  • those that use firearms for business purposes; and
  • government institutions.

Buy a Rifle

Why Buy a Rifle From Us

WeBuyRifles is a trusted online retailer that specializes in previously owned rifles.

By conducting business with us, you reduce your likelihood of falling prey to con artists operating in an unregulated internet environment.

As reputable dealers in firearms, we have a selection of rifles for sale and are committed to providing service that is not only kind but also devoted and personable.

Anyone who is interested in weapons, whether they are a collector, hunter, or enthusiast, may make purchases from us knowing that we have good quality used rifles for sale in South Africa from a safe and secure environment. 

Our pre-owned firearm stock is advertised on our website.

Regardless of whether you are looking to buy or sell a firearm, you can count on us to reply promptly to all clients.

If there is a specific firearm that you are interested in purchasing but we do not have it in stock at the time, we will likely be able to locate it for you.

We legally purchase guns from any person in South Africa who wishes to do so due to one of the following reasons: 

  • They wish to emigrate to another country
  • They will not be putting the firearm to any further use.
  • They have received a firearm as part of an estate settlement, but do not want to keep it.
  • They don’t see their way open to go through the drawn-out and difficult procedure of obtaining or renewing a firearm license.

Only customers who are at least 21 years old are allowed to transact business with us.

We trade under dealer license: Guns & Ammo Trading (PTY) Ltd, 28 5th Street, Delmas.

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7 Easy Steps to Buy a Second-Hand Rifle

Step 1
Submit Your Enquiry
You submit an enquiry form to us by clicking on the link provided on each firearm’s profile page.
Step 2
Firearm Details & Quote
We provide you with all additional information of the firearm and prepare a formal quotation for the firearm for you
Step 3
Accept Quotation
After ascertaining yourself that you really want to buy this firearm, you accept our quotation and nominate a gun shop near you where you would like to view the firearm. You must provide us with the details of a contact person at the gun shop.
Step 4
Pay Deposit
On accepting our quotation, we will provide you with our banking detail, so that you can pay the agreed refundable deposit into our account.
Step 5
Firearm in Transit
Upon receiving your deposit, we will courier the firearm to the nominated gun shop.
Step 6
Due Diligence
You then have 24 hours to inspect the firearm and confirm the acceptance thereof. If you want to cancel the purchasing process at this stage, we will arrange for the firearm to be couriered back to us. The return courier costs will be deducted from your deposit and the balance will be refunded to you. If you decide to continue with the transaction, you proceed to step 7.
Step 7
Complete Payment in Full
You pay the outstanding amount and send us your proof of payment.

Buy a Rifle

Types of Rifles We Offer for Sale

We offer three types of rifles for sale: Centre Fire, Rimfire, and Shotgun rifles.

Primers are used to light the powder in some types of cartridges, including both centerfire and rimfire ammunition. When the firing pin of the firearm touches the primer of a primer-ignited cartridge, the cartridge immediately begins to fire.

The primer of a centerfire round is located in the middle of the cartridge, as the name of this type of round suggests. Because of this, the power is activated when the firing pin of the rifle makes contact with the centre of the cartridge.

Ammunition that is fired using a rimfire mechanism has the primer embedded in the rim of the cartridge. When the firing pin strikes the rim of the cartridge, it starts the ignition process.

Even though centerfire ammunition is generally thought of as the superior option for self-defense due to its higher pressures and velocities, there are a number of perfectly good reasons to use rimfire ammunition instead. 

Some shooters are unable to control the recoil produced by centerfire handguns, and as a result, they are unable to use these types of firearms. Because of the lower felt recoil, shooters of a certain age may find that rimfire handguns are more comfortable to use. 

This is not the best choice, but it is a significant improvement over the alternative, which is to not possess any firearms for use in self-defense.

Rimfire rounds may not pack the same punch as centerfire rounds, but because of their smaller size, you typically have more rounds available to you when compared to a centerfire firearm of comparable size and function. 

The caliber of a firearm refers to the diameter of its bore measured from land to land and is usually expressed in hundredths of an inch (. 22 cal) or in millimeters (9mm). 

We buy and sell the following caliber rifles:

Consider the following when choosing caliber:

Energy: the approximate power of each round.

Bullet weight: typically measured in grains, with 7,000 equaling one pound. 

The bullet’s velocity: measured in feet per second.

The price point: the cost of one round.

Buy a Rifle

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, guns are legal to own in South African by citizens or permanent residents over the age of 21 years who has obtained a license for that individual firearm.

It is not easy to buy a gun in South Africa, since it is an expensive and tedious process to obtain the necessary license for every firearm you want to purchase.

You may own a handgun not fully automatic; a rifle or shotgun which is not fully/semi-automatic.

Yes, you can get a gun for self-defense in South Africa.

You can buy a hunting rifle from a legal and reputable firearms dealer in South Africa.