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Why Choose Us

There are several reasons a rifle owner may want to sell his rifle, such as emigrating to another country, inheriting an unwanted rifle from a deceased family member of friend’s estate, or a rifle just becoming redundant for whatsoever reason.

Often, the owner of a rifle just don’t see his or her way open to go through the lengthy and complicated process to renew the rifle’s firearm license.

As a reputable online pre-owned rifle dealer, WeBuyRifles can assist in any of the above situations.

By transacting with us, you reduce your likelihood of falling prey to uncontrolled internet con artists.

Our pre-owned rifle inventory is advertised on our website. We provide a safe and secure environment for any gun enthusiast, collector, or hunter to buy rifles.

Whether you choose to sell or purchase a rifle, we will always respond quickly to your inquiry. If you are searching for a specific rifle and we do not have it in stock, we can likely locate it for you. As experienced rifles dealers, we always provide devoted, cordial, and individualized service.

We only do business with individuals who are at least 21 years old. 

what we do

About Us


Vision statement

WeBuyRifles will be a conscientious rifle dealer, targeting the ethical trade in rifles for a safer future.


Mission statement

We are committed to providing sustainable solutions to the legal trade of rifles to the people in South Africa.

Sell Your Rifle

How to sell your Rifle to us

Selling a rifle is not an easy process. You need to follow the whole legal process or allow a dealer like WeBuyRifles to facilitate the process for you.

Step 1
Submitting Rifle Details & Photos
You start the process by uploading some images and all relevant information about your rifle to our website.
Step 2
Offer to Purchase
If we are interested, we will write up a formal offer to purchase and send it to you.
Step 3
Accepting the Offer
If you are happy and decide to make use of our offer, you accept it in writing.
Step 4
The Paperwork
Compile the necessary documentation, then head to the gun store closest to you with both your rifle and your license to possess that firearm. Please turn everything in, and also provide us the name and information of the person we should speak with at the gun shop.
Step 5
We will buy the firearm and make immediate payment into the bank account that you have confirmed, only after the gun shop has confirmed all of the details.
Step 6
Transporting the Firearm
Once completed, we will pay for the cost of having the firearm couriered in a legal way to our secure gun storage facility.
Step 7
Completion of The Process
The firearm will be removed from your name, and you will receive notification once it is done, usually within 48 hours from receipt. The rifle will then be registered as dealer stock with us.

Sell Your Rifle

Documents needed

Make sure you have all the required documents ready to initiate the process:

➊ The original copy of the licence to possess the firearm (to be sent to us with the firearm)

➋ Make a photocopy or scan of both the front and back of your licence to posses the firearm.

➌ A valid proof of address that is no more than three months old

➍ A certified copy of your identification document

➎ A finished copy of the Transfer of Ownership form (E534) (link).

➏ A letter stating that your bank account has been confirmed for the payment

Buy a Rifle

7 Easy Steps to Buy a Rifle

Step 1
Submit Your Enquiry
You submit an enquiry form to us by clicking on the link provided on each firearm’s profile page.
Step 2
Firearm Details & Quote
We provide you with all additional information of the firearm and prepare a formal quotation for the firearm for you
Step 3
Accept Quotation
After ascertaining yourself that you really want to buy this firearm, you accept our quotation and nominate a gun shop near you where you would like to view the firearm. You must provide us with the details of a contact person at the gun shop.
Step 4
Pay Deposit
On accepting our quotation, we will provide you with our banking detail, so that you can pay the agreed refundable deposit into our account.
Step 5
Firearm in Transit
Upon receiving your deposit, we will courier the firearm to the nominated gun shop.
Step 6
Due Diligence
You then have 24 hours to inspect the firearm and confirm the acceptance thereof. If you want to cancel the purchasing process at this stage, we will arrange for the firearm to be couriered back to us. The return courier costs will be deducted from your deposit and the balance will be refunded to you. If you decide to continue with the transaction, you proceed to step 7.
Step 7
Complete Payment in Full
You pay the outstanding amount and send us your proof of payment.