Stalker (Non-Magnum Silencer)


The SUS-TAC STALKER 243 and STALKER 308 has the shortest barrel extension measurement in the SUS-TAC NON-MAGNUM range. When space saving is your main goal and you require the shortest possible suppressor, this is the suppressor to choose.

With this design the added length to your rifle is a mere +-130mm. Being so small in size, it sacrifices a few dB of suppression and therefore is louder than our high performance models.


The SUS-TAC NON-MAGNUM Series Suppressors utilize an extremely efficient internal design to provide maximum possible suppression and recoil. They are produced to effectively reduce sound pressure within a minimal size housing. The SUS-TAC NON-MAGNUM Series are non-reflex suppressors which attach to the end of the barrel with a screw thread. The units are available in virtually any thread.

SUS-TAC’s NON-MAGNUM Series suppressors pass, and with the performance models even exceed, the US Military Specification for hearing safe operation (without any hearing protection) by up to as much as 12dB.

The STALKER models however, are not rated as hearing safe compliant.


  • Lightweight outer housings manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium
  • Accurate, and in some cases improved, shot groupings
  • CNC precision machined billet parts for tighter tolerances
  • Stainless steel Internals for higher abrasion resistance
  • Optional Titanium or Aluminium internals for further weight saving
  • Attractive exterior styling with CeraKote for protection

General Specifications

Indexable Recoil Break  :    No
Housing Material  :    Aircraft Grade Aluminium
Finish  :    CeraKote: Black, Grey, Tan, Olive Green
Diameter  :    40mm (1.57″) OD
Barrel Connection  :    Threaded. 
Titanium Option  :    Titanium Internals (Replaces Stainless Steel)

Stalker Specifications

Stalker 243 Caliber Range  :    Up to .243 Max
Stalker 308 Caliber Range  :    Up to .308 Max
Sound Reduction  :    +-21.5 dB(C)
dB at Muzzle (.30-06)  :    +-143.5 dB(C)
dB at Ear (.30-06)  :    +-137.5 dB(C)
Recoil Reduction  :    +-18%
Total Length  :    190mm Long
.243 Length Added to Gun  :    130mm Long
.308 Length Added to Gun  :    141mm Long
Material Selection  : 
 Stalker 243 SS Weight  :    +- g
 Stalker 308 SS Weight  :    +- g

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